BV-Tech 4 PoE+ Ports Switch with 2 Uplinks - Megabit | POE-SW502

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BV-Tech 4 Port PoE switch with 2 uplinks 10/100/100

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  • BV-Tech 4 Port PoE Switch with 2 Ethernet Uplink Ports at 10/100Mbps each, making network setups easier and more convenient.
  • Hi-PoE at port 1 providing up to 60W single port, PoE+ at port 2-4 up to 30W per port, which is better than normal PoE port that can only provide 15. 4W per port. 60W Max Total Power.
  • Extend function extending max PoE transmission distance from 328 ft to 656 ft.
  • PD detection will automatically detect and provide required power for your PoE devices. This is a 48V active PoE, NOT compatible with Ubiquiti devices which require 24V Passive PoE.
  • 100% Satisfaction – 30-day Money-Back with 1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Tech Support.