Siamese Cable Zipper Style - 500ft | 1000ft

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Siamese Cable Zipper Style

Simplified Installation: Siamese cables provide a convenient solution for installing both video and power connections in one cable. This simplifies the installation process by reducing the number of cables required. Instead of running separate cables for video signals and power supply, a single Siamese cable can be used. This saves time and effort during installation.

Neat and Organized Setup: Combining the coaxial cable and power cable into a single bundle helps maintain an organized setup. With just one cable to manage, it is easier to route and conceal the wiring, reducing clutter and potential tripping hazards.

Siamese cables are compatible with a wide range of security cameras and surveillance systems. They typically come with standard connectors, such as BNC connectors for video and DC power connectors, making them compatible with most CCTV equipment available in the market.

Siamese Cable Zipper Style Specification

  • Length: 1000ft | 500 ft