Camera Wall Mount Bracket with Junction Box for 60XX Series | HS-B742-120B

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The Camera Wall Mount Bracket with Junction Box allows for room surveillance. Wall mounts enable you to position cameras higher up, providing a broader perspective and better coverage of the monitored area. 

Proper camera placement achieved through a wall mount can lead to clearer and more usable footage. Cameras mounted securely on walls are less likely to shake due to environmental factors. This results in smoother and clearer video recordings.

Wall mounting allows you to minimize glare from lights or reflections by positioning the camera carefully. This ensures that the camera captures a more accurate image.

Junction boxes help organize and manage the complex network of wires and cables for your camera. This organization makes it easier to troubleshoot and maintain the system. 

Enclosing the electrical connections within a box reduces the risk of sparks, short circuits, and electrical fires. The enclosure helps contain any potential heat generated by the electrical components, reducing the likelihood of overheating.

Camera Wall Mount Bracket with Junction Box Supported Cameras:

  • R-Tech 8MP Security IP Dome PoE Camera | CA-IPDF-6081-28A
  • R-Tech 4MP Security IP Dome PoE Camera | CA-IPDF-6041-28A