BV-Tech PoE Switch w/ DIN Rail - 16 Gigabit Ports, 2 SFP Uplinks | POE-SW1604G-DIN

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This gigabit PoE switch provides excellent PoE network performance. In addition, it powers and operates a variety of devices without the need for additional cables or outlets. For example, IP cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones, or other network devices are compatible and also well supported.
It also features an industrial grade DIN rail for demanding industrial environments. This switch also allows for greater flexibility in device placement, especially in areas where power sources are limited.
POE-SW1604G-DIN Gigabit PoE Switch Features:
  • Datasheet
  • Industrial-Grade PoE Switch: BV-Tech's DIN Rail PoE Ethernet Switch supports rugged industrial environments.
  • High Power PoE Support: The red port supports up to 90W of Power over Ethernet (PoE). This makes it ideal for powering high-power devices like PTZ cameras and industrial equipment.
  • All-Giga Ports: Enjoy lightning-fast data transfer with all 16 Ethernet ports operating at 1 Gbps, ensuring smooth transmission of data in your network.
  • Wide Temperature Range: This switch withstands extreme temperatures, operating flawlessly from -10°C to 55°C (-14°F to 131°F), making it suitable for various industrial settings.
  • Plug and Play Installation: Easily set up your network with the plug-and-play functionality, reducing installation time and complexity.