WD Ultrastar Hard Drive 20TB | 0F38785

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The WD Ultrastar Hard Drive 20TB meets modern data center reliability requirements with 2.5M MTBF2 (projected) and a 5-year limited warranty. It offers security and encryption options to help protect data from unauthorized use through SED. In addition, it included OptiNAND technology

OptiNAND integrates an iNAND Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Embedded Flash Drive (EFD) with traditional spinning disk media, and incorporates innovative changes to the firmware algorithm and system-on-a-chip (SoC). OptiNAND is not a hybrid technology. The drive works smarter, with enhanced firmware algorithms taking advantage of expanded metadata that has been offloaded to the iNAND, enabling more tracks per inch (TPI), resulting in increased areal density. 


Trust Western Digital and the Ultrastar hard drive to deliver the highest capacity and greatest value for your data center.

WD Ultrastar Hard Drive 20TB Features:

  • DC HC560 Series
  • 7200 RPM Rotation Speed
  • SATA Interface
  • Cache Size: 512 MB
  • Recording Technology: EAMR
  • Operating Temperature: 5°C to 60°C
  • Compatible With: NVR, DVR, Surveillance, desktop computer, PC
  • 5 -year limited warranty