WD Ultrastar Hard Drive 22TB | 0F48155

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The WD Ultrastar Hard Drive 22TB combines several industry-first technologies on a 10-disk CMR drive, delivering the performance, quality, and reliability that data center customers require. This HDD is designed for optimal power over a variety of workloads. It features low power sequential read/write and mixed random read/write workloads.

The Ultrastar drive features second generation OptiNAND technology. It improves drive resiliency in the event of an emergency power off (EPO) by increasing the amount of non-volatile memory (NVM) available to flush critical metadata to the iNAND.

WD Ultrastar Hard Drive 22TB Features:

  • DC HC570 Series
  • 7200 RPM Rotation Speed
  • SATA Interface
  • SE Security
  • Recording Technology: CMR
  • Cache Size: 512 MB
  • Operating Temperature: 5°C to 60°C
  • Compatible With:NVR, DVR, Surveillance, desktop computer, PC
  • 5 -year limited warranty